Shumano Hydraulic Disc Brake

Hydraulic Disc Brakes Upgrade

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Hydraulic Disc Brakes Upgrade

This is an upgrade from mechanical disc brakes installed as standard on the Europa model cruisers.  Hydraulic Disc Brake Pair - comes w/ 2 sizes on rotors - 180mm front, 203mm rear. 

Shimano Acera M395 Disc Brake Set Installed

The hydraulic Acera M395 disc brake with B01 resin brake pads.The ergonomic 2-finger brake lever allows precise dosing and the reach is adjustable.The brake caliper can directly be mounted on Post mount if a 160mm disc is used. 

Disc Brake Features:

  • Material: aluminium
  • Brake caliper: BR-M395
  • Brake hose: SM-BH59-A
  • Brake lever: BL-M395 right
  • Brake fluid: Shimano mineral oil

Rotor Features:

  • Weight: approx. 172 gram (180mm)
  • Disc diameter: 180mm
  • Disc: Center Lock