New Model Coming Soon: 

Stay tuned folks, we are working on our new SR44 Outlaw model to replace the Gen2 Solaris Flagship model. This top of the line model will have ALL THE BELLS & WHISTLES along with power and speed not allowed at retail. This like the Solaris will be in the $4400 range. Of course we will include the premium performance features and upgrades to make it the customized machine of your dreams if you so desire. This is for the Glide enthusiasts the want the best of everything! So please let us know if you would like to be on the notify list when we get closer to production (see link below). At the moment, we are in production for our SR series models 24, 29 and 38.. More fun to come!

The SR44 Outlaw!

Some of the planned features:

  • Super Fast Outlaw Motor (almost 2,000 watts)
  • Hot-Swappable Lithium Battery Pack
  • Integtrated Fender / Rack System
  • Hydraulic Dis Brakes
  • Running Lights - Front & Back
  • LED Novelty Lights on Frame

Notification List: Click here >>

Please complete the inquiry form and let us know your interest in the SR44 Outlaw!